Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Development

Since 2017, e-learning WMB have been using Virtual Reality as a new format for e-learning as part of its Open eLMS Bepoke service.

Virtual reality e-learning puts the learning in the heart of the learning experience. This promo illustrates e-Learning WMB's unique e-learning meets corporate video approach for exporting to VR, apps and the web.

Let us know your ideas for using VR in e-learning - you DO NOT need VR glasses to fully appreciate this presentation.


  • Rapid development

  • Customisable after delivery

  • Low cost

  • Web and mobile VR compliant

  • SCORM compliant

How a VR project works ...

mobile learning (m-learning) is e-learning on an iPhone or android phone by e-learning WMB

There are some situations where experiencing the location can’t be matched with a 2D representation. For example, fire safety training and locating exits. By placing themselves in the learning environment, users will likely become familiar with the surrounding area.

m-learning apps record data to our Learning Management System Open Elms

Virtual Reality also means variety. Interactive new ways of learning and breaking up regular e-learning will lead to greater audience engagement. Short, concise and dynamic bursts of information will be more time efficient and increase the retention of information.

m-learning logs in using e-learning WMB's Open ELms to synch data on the cloud

We offer bespoke virtual reality courses. With the use of our portable green screen studio and actors, we can place anyone in any environment. We can involve interactive elements, for example, turning the pages of a book.

m-learning courses are run on android and iPhones

And the best bit is, it’s all very affordable. All you will need your end is a smart phone and a VR headset (no need for an expensive one.) Entry level VR headsets range from £6 - £80.


VR development is typically in the range of £15,000 for an hour's elearning; this cost is all all-inclusive price covering project management, script editing, camera work, voiceover and presenter. All courses also get a three year licence of Open eLMS Creator (CMS Version) for making changes to the course after delivery.

Send to details of the quote (PowerPoint slides, training notes etc.) to get a fixed price quote, else book a meeting with us to go through your ideas and discuss the project further.

Let's chat about your next elearning project

Open eLMS Bespoke services can be purchased separately from Open eLMS or part of much wider Open eLMS learning implementation.

At elearning WMB we but you in complete control of the budgeting process with a fixed price quote prior to commencing any elearning project. As a free service we will go through your learning materials and give you an idea of how long and at what cost it will take to bring your learning project to life. All quotes are inclusive of any media production such as video presenters/actors and voiceovers.

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