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Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention service that checks writing for citation mistakes or inappropriate copying and also allows teachers etc. to mark and annotate work. Linking Open eLMS with Turnitin allows you to add this functionality to any documents uploaded to the system.

To do this Open eLMS forms an LTI link between the two systems.

Configuring LTI in Turnitin

You will need to own Turnitin and have administration access to the Turnitin system (contact support@elearningwmb.com for help with this). Instructions on how to configure LTI are available in the Configuring LTI in Turnitin instructions from Turnitin

This will give you:

  • A URL based on your location
  • Account ID (referred to as the "consumer key")
    • This allows an LMS to correctly integrate with a Turnitin account. Account IDs can be found on the left-hand side of the account name on the administrator homepage in Turnitin.
  • Shared Key (configured by the Turnitin administrator in the Turnitin LTI integration setup)
    • The shared secret key is used to verify the integrity of requests sent from the institution’s LMS account to the institution’s Turnitin account. The shared secret key can be any word or alphanumeric 8-character text string, containing at least one letter and one number. The shared secret key entered in Turnitin must be identical to the shared secret key entered within the LMS. To be clear, both keys must match in order for access to be granted, otherwise, the integration will not work.

Entering Microsoft Credentials into Open eLMS

Log into Open eLMS as an administrator and go to System Setup > Defaults > Configuration and enter the values for Turnitin Assignment API url (aka "URL"), Turnitin Client Id (aka "Account ID") and Turnitin Client Secret (aka "Shared Key").

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