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Follow these videos for a step by step guide on how to set up and administer the Open Elms for Schools system.

These unique guides are also available from within the program by pressing the help button on any screen.

Administer Learning

How do I populate the database?

How to install Learning Resources from Library?

How do I add/remove employees from managers’ accounts?

How to assign additional Learning to learners?

How do I sign off work that has been submitted for review?

How can I assign learning to learners (or groups of learners)?

How do I add learning resources to the system?

How do I manage bookings for classroom sessions which require sign-off?

How do I create a report?

How do I add and import learners on the system?

How do I set up Programmes/Apprenticeship Standards?

How do I manage trainers/managers using the system?

How can I export data to other systems?

How do I sign off submitted work and mark as completed?

How do I set up learning defaults such as categories, suppliers and branding?