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Installation and Configuration

If you are setting up the system for the first time then check out the Installation Onboarding guide. Although we will install the system for you, it is your responsibility to ensure that the system is set up with the appropriate personnel and learning etc. Don't worry we can guide you in doing this, but contained in the guide are a series of walkthrough videos which will show you exactly how.

Once the system has been set up, there are around 80 different options which you can select. Don't worry we have selected the default options for you which should suit your installation but as time goes on and the system gets upgrades, it will be your responsibility to activate these. We recommend you proceed through these questions in the Configuration Onboarding guide after the initial installation is finished and whenever any major upgrades to the system have been made and select the upgrades you wish to include within your installation.

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Installation Onboarding

Configuration Onboarding


By Role

Open eLMS has a unique user centred design - this means that the interface is surrounded around the sequence of tasks which you undertake in your role.

As such separate guides have been produced containing walkthrough videos. Select the role which you carry out - if your interface is different from those listed, contact your system administrator and ask them to alter your role within the system.
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Curriculum Developer

Common Tasks

Some tasks are common across roles. For instance content authors may be system administrators, manager or curriculum developers - all may have been granted access to the Learning Library. Similarly administrators and managers may both need access to Reports and the ability to setup the system.

Open eLMS configuration elearning icons

Access this information if it applies to your role. You will know if your role has access because you will see one of the three icons above in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Available Support Guides

Learning Library


System Setup

If the system is not yet launched then click here