Introduction to our support systems and resources

eLearning WMB's primary mechanism for information about the system is through the company's Knowledgebase. All clients will need to register on this system to access this knowledge base.

Raising a support issue can be achieved via our incident management system. Here you can monitor progress on issues as they progress through to resolution with just in time information from all members of our team.

Open eLMS - API Support

Should you wish to integrate any of your existing systems using the Open eLMS API - documentation can be downloaded here.


Open eLMS Walkthroughs

We have compiled a series of walkthrough videos which show you how the system works (these are referenced to in the Knowledgebase as well.

Open eLMS - 'Netflix' meets elearning for business
Open eLMS - elearning for apprenticeships
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for school
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for college
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for university
Online elearning creation

SMCR Solution Installation Support

Support for the initial installation of the SMCR Solution available through Simmons and Simmons is also available on the site.

SMCR elearning