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Follow these videos for a step by step guide on how to set up and administer the Open Elms for Business system.

These unique guides are also available from within the program by pressing the help button on any screen.

System Setup


How to populate the database?

How to add companies to the system (group companies etc)?

How to add all other Organization Information?

How to add managers giving them responsibility for certain departments/personnel?

How to set up various roles (administrators, compliance managers etc.) and change permissions granted to them?


How to set up learning defaults?

How to add Learning Categories?

How to add Learning Providers?

How to rebrand the background image the learner sees?

How to add Competencies?


How to edit the emails sent out by the system?

How do I distribute Open eLMS Creator e-learning courses?

How to change the default reaction times (e.g. when a learner is auto-emailed when a resource is due to be completed)?

How to change the terminology used in the system - i.e. change system labels/field names?

How to change system configuration?

For further details see the Configuration Onboarding support page.

How to integrate Open eLMS Creator with any third party LMS via its API?

How to customise any data dashboard used in the system?

How to rebrand the learning and run updates on the system?