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Open eLMS gives you the option of feeding your system data via a live data link to Microsoft's Power BI reporting tool.

Although Open eLMS has it's own custom reporting engine and dashboard functionality, Microsoft Power BI brings additional advantages, namely:

  • View reports across multiple platforms and devices without needing to use Open eLMS
  • Combine data sources from other areas (HR Databases, Excel spreadsheets
  • Share dashboards with appropriate user groups
  • Drill down into data visualisations to get more meaning from the data
  • Just in time view of the data - no longer rely on out of date printed reports

eLearning WMB Setup Instructions

Prior to running PowerBI you will need to ask eLearning WMB to enable the Open eLMS Azure App for your site to the list of possible redirects. Note the following can only be carried out by Open eLMS support staff on the company's internal Azure instance:

  • Login to https://portal.azure.com
  • Expand the menu on the left and click and select "Azure Active Directory"
  • Select "App registrations" on the left
  • Select "All applications" on the right and click on "Open eLMS" application
  • Select "Authentication" on the left
  • You will see a list of redirect URIs on the right - you need to add https://openelms.e-learningwmb.co.uk/{SITE}/powerbi to the list and click "Save"

Power BI in Action

Play the video to see just how easy it is to integrate Power BI integration and start producing your first dashboard. We are here to help so please contact support@elearningwmb.com should you have any queries.

Power BI Training

If you want to learn more about Power BI, eLearning WMB have provided this course on how to start using Power BI, working with datasets and combining them to build powerful visualisations of your data.

Click below to run each course: