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Open eLMS also has its own Review capabilities which can produce reports and also email queries to manage employees through the learning process. The report interface features...

  1. View list - these can be default views or customised views of the data
  2. Print - this allows the printing of the report
  3. Email - this creates an email to the employees selected in the report
  4. Saved Reports/Emails - periodic email alerts and monthly reports etc are stored here
  5. Download - this allows the download of the data to Excel ETC.
  6. Export to Power BI - this exports all report data to Power BI
  7. Filter - the data filter can be adjusted to refine the data in the report
  8. Data - the data which is to be utilised is displayed here

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Default Views

There are numerous default views of the data supplied with the system; note these are called "views" rather than simply reports, since there are so many things you can do with the data.

The reports include ...


This is a list of feedback given by users to various learning resources. This data view is useful for improving learning content over time (remember all elearning provided by Open eLMS Catalogue is editable from within the system using Open eLMS Creator).

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Learning Performance

The Learning Performance view enables a manager to review the latest data recorded for each learning resource or in the case of the “Audit” view type, all previous incidences of data are recorded (i.e. there may be multiple records for a compliance course where regular refresher training is required).

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Skill Scans

Skill scans are knowledge/skills audits which allow users to examine how much learners have improved over time. Learners are alerted of these audits periodically and answer on a likert scale for each KPI they are measuring. Such audits can be customised using Open eLMS Creator.

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Task Assessment views

Open eLMS is a Learning Management System, but also enables the addition audits or risk assessments to the same system (these can be edited by Open eLMS Creator.) Such audits will initiate tasks which can be managed throughout the organisation.

For example an induction course may contain an audit question such as “Have you had a welcome interview with your line manager?”. Should the learner answer “no”, then this would initiate a task called “Welcome interview needed” - this can the be assigned to the line manager automatically and resolved when completed. An audit trail is maintained within this data view.

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Training Impact

This view shows how employee competency has improved over time (competency/CPD points can be attached to learning resources as part of gamification functionality). The data can be displayed as competency passes or CPD points.

The screenshot below shows the data autoformatted for a print out.

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Training Schedule

The training schedule view shows training resources that are due either within the next 90 days or within a time window.

This view is good for sending users a timely reminder to complete upcoming training. Note this in addition to the automated reminders which are already sent.

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Cost Analysis

If costs need to be monitored, then the total cost of learning can be examined for any programme of learning. Learning programmes consist of a schedule of learning resources over a period of time (e.g. an academic qualification, apprenticeship or lifelong learning programme).

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Learner Progress at this moment

Each learner’s achievements on a programme can be measured against a number of parameters (learning achieved, time spent learning etc.).

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Learners Falling Behinds

This view displays Users who have learning programmes currently in progress which are currently behind where they should be by more than 10%. This enables managers to focus on learners who are not keeping up

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Learner Training Impact

This view shows performance over time measured by the % of programmes completed.

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Manager Progress ATM

This is as above but looks at the performance of the managers in progressing programmes through to completion.

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Managers Falling Behind

Shows managers who are behind schedule in progressing their learners through to completion.

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Custom Views

These data views are similar to the ones already described but can be constructed from any data field already in the system.

N.B. There are 122 different fields on which can be reported (e.g. ethnicity, age, education etc.)

Such views, once constructed, are saved in the system for reuse.

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

Custom data views can be constructed by selecting filter fields (used for filtering the data) ...

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

... and reporting fields (data from these fields are included in the actual report).

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS

The completed report looks much like the default reports provided by the system, except these reports can be edited or deleted (by those with appropriate permissions) once they have been created.

Open eLMS Reporting from LMS