Open eLMS Forms

What is Open eLMS Forms?

Open eLMS Forms is a highly flexible form builder powered by form building specialists - Credas. This system allows users to use existing forms to capture data directly into the Open eLMS Learning Management System. For instance, with Open eLMS, any sign-up process can be completed entirely remotely.

Inputted data (like name, postcode etc.) is automatically pulled through to Open eLMS and any other relevant froms, reducing errors, reducing rejections and shortening the sign-up process.

Our combination of biometric facial recognition and document authentication provides a robust picture of the Learner’s identity and all data is stored securely in the cloud, vastly improving the security around personal data.

Additional processes can be added and formatted reports produced from the data.

eform source for Open eLMS

Building your forms

eform source for Open eLMS

eLearning WMB will build the appropriate data capture forms based on any existing word documents.

Open eLMS Form editing

These forms are highly customisable. Data in each field can be mapped to data in Open eLMS.

Open eLMS completed

Forms are then distributed to learners via email links.


The data collection workflow is mapped out, each box represents a different form assigned to the relevant personnel. Decision branches are added based on any criteria within the process (e.g. learning programme selected).

eform source for Open eLMS


document output from Open eLMS forms

Fields are merged in from the question sets to generate the paperwork

Open eLMS Forms signature on document

The paperwork is signed by multiple parties. When each party views the document they can see where their signature will appear and they can either print or draw their signature when they click 'Sign this Document'

Feature List

Feeds data directly into Open eLMS

Auto-population of form fields from Open eLMS

Workflow to match your business processes

Facial recognition/Liveness test

ID documentation validation



Smartphone or browser