Open eLMS Classroom Tour

How does it work?

Open Elms Live is a simple process which enables lessons to be ran remotely as required, this method of learning will ensure your teaching will be kept up and running whatever the emergency (snow days, staff absences, pandemic etc.),

Add Lesson Plans to Timetables

Pupils e-learning with Netflix style system

The teacher adds a lesson plan to the timetable. Alternatively curriculum developers can schedule lesson plans for an entire organisation.

In this case the lesson is a Zoom meeting (other meeting software can be used.)

Enhance Lesson Plans

e-portfolio mapped against the UK apprentice standards

Additional learning resources can be added to the lesson plan.

This can include PowerPoint files, videos, elearning, homework etc. A library of resources builds up over time and can be shared with colleagues.

Run Lessons

create syllabuses and schedule learning

The lesson will appear on teacher and student timetables and alert those involved just before the meeting is due.

The teacher jumps on the call and starts the lesson. The teacher can used a shared whiteboard or PowerPoint deck to help conduct the lesson.

After the lesson

Pupils e-learning with Netflix style system

The lesson can be recorded and accessed at any time - along with any learning resources added to the lesson plan - including homework.

All lessons and learning resources are available through the student's Netflix style interface.

Homework is submitted

 e-Portfolio Reporting Apprenticeship Standards

Any homework for the lesson will be submitted via the system so it can live on the student's e-portfolio.

Live Lessons Reused

Bursar interface reports on costs

Any lessons can be stored in the system and reused either for other students or in subsequent years.