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How does the development process work?

Over 25 years of experience building bespoke courses has enabled us to refine our process into what it is today. Our development process, XLD (Extreme Learning Development, which is itself inspired by Prince II project management) combines best practice principles with our own experience, to produce high quality, low cost bespoke elearning with great flexibility. For a more detailed roadmap of our methods, please see below:

Project Initiation

If you are starting a project with us, or even just thinking about it, you’ll first need the Project Initiation Document. This document contains important information to help you establish your initial requirements for your course, giving you a full understanding of aspects such as pricing, structure, your level of contribution (we’re flexible) and the quality of the final delivered elearning.

Contact us to receive the Project Initiation Document

Contact us to receive the Project Initiation Document.

On consultation with the client (you!), an appropriate “look and feel” is developed. Using information from this and other resources, such as marketing guidelines and your website, we compile a Branding Guidelines Report. This contains sample screenshots of the course at various stages to help visualise the appearance of the final product.

Contact us for an exemplar Branding Guidelines Report

Contact us for an example Branding guidelines report.

Our unique scripting process allows you to see what your finished elearning should look like early in the development process, allowing any changes to be made quickly and ensure your bespoke course is perfect for your needs.

Our scripts are produced online (using a single live document) and shared with all members of the project team. Depending on your needs, you can provide us with base information for us to build a script on, or you can supply a self-written script to lower your costs further.

To access this process, you need only a free Gmail account. This can then be set up to forward related emails directly to your standard work email address.

See this Asbestos Awareness Script that produces the following Asbestos Awareness Course.

Contact us to start scripting process.

At this stage no charge has been levied towards elearning development - eLearning WMB strongly believes in putting control of budgeting into the hands of our clients. Once the script has been completed, we use it to provide you with a firm price for the elearning. This price includes everything - from the editing software to presenter fees.

If you have a fixed budget, then we are able to adjust the design to meet this.


We use rapid development techniques, such as reusable templates, filming and photographs (instead of illustration and animation) to enable us to create quality elearning at lower prices. From receipt of the finalised script, courses will take between 2-4 weeks to create, and an additional 2 weeks beyond that if the course needs to be delivered as an app.

If you have a hosted solution with us, a branded elearning portal will be created for you as part of the delivery.

Contact us for a delivery timescale.

All eLearning WMB courses are supplied with Open eLMS Creator free of charge. This allows you to edit any of the courses we supply, including text, videos and images using the very same tool we used to create it. You can update your courses to reflect changes within your business, industry or geography, significantly increasing the lifespan and cost-effectiveness of your courses.

Contact us for details about Open eLMS Creator.


Now that you are familiar with our process, we hope you’ll join the many organisations that trust us to deliver high quality, bespoke elearning to accelerate your employees towards their full potential.

Contact us to start developing your Bespoke course.
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