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The Open Elms API is a RESTful web service and uses token authenticate 3rd party applications. Before starting to use the Open ELMS API you will need to contact to obtain a key in order to access this service.

The API enables third party applications to control Open Elms features by communicating between the systems.

The API can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • The management of users (add/remove/delete) from HR systems
  • Assigning user to learning resources within Training Management Systems
  • Listing learning resources in the system
  • Editing learning from within a third party Learning Management System
  • Running and recording elearning from a third party Learning Management System

Use the menu on the right hand side to access the instructions for authenticating and then using the API. Open eLMS staff are on stand-by to help with any queries you may have, contact support for further details.