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Microsoft Teams

Linking Open eLMS with Microsoft Teams gives you the option of holding virtual lessons with learners and trainers using Microsoft's video communication platform.

To link the systems together, it is necessary for the system administrator to enter the Client ID and Client Secret from Azure into Open eLMS.

eLearning WMB Setup Instructions

Prior to running MS Teams you will need to ask eLearning WMB to enable the Open eLMS Azure App for your site to the list of possible redirects. Note the following can only be carried out by Open eLMS support staff:

  • Login to
  • At the top of the screen select "Azure Active Directory" icon
  • Select "App registrations" on the left
  • Select "All applications" on the right and click on "Open eLMS" application
  • Select "Authentication" on the left
  • You will see a list of redirect URIs on the right - you need to add{SITE}/teams to the list and click "Save"

Create Teams meetings using the Calendar Tool

Log into Open eLMS as an manager/coach/trainer and create an entry in the calendar.

Open eLMS Live Adding Training

When editing this entry you now have the option of adding a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Open eLMS Learning Management System Teams Meeting