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Linking Open eLMS with Moodle allows you to directly open and track Moodle courses within Open eLMS. This allows you to reuse libraries of existing content already hosted on your Moodle system.

Setting up Open eLMS to link to MS Azure

To link the systems together, it is necessary to first create a SAML link between Open eLMS and Moodle. This can be done directly or via a third party authentication services such as OpenAthens. Contact to get this set up on your installation.

Entering Moodle URL

Log into Open eLMS as an administrator and go to System Setup > Defaults > Configuration and enter the values for the Moodle Link (this is the root folder of your installation.

Open eLMS Moodle Configuration

Create Moodle Resources in the Library

Moodle resources can be created in the learning library for future use. To do this select to add a learning resource.

Add Moodle learning to LMS Open eLMS

And enter the ID of the Moodle Course.

Edit the Moodle learning resource

You are now ready to assign, track and run your Moodle course directly from within Open eLMS.