Media modules

This elearning is aimed at media content producers and anyone responsible for handling electronic media within an organisation.

Bespoke Business Documents e-Learning

This e-learning gives instructions on how to prepare business documents for use internally within the company and for external presentation to clients and suppliers.

Coding in the Digital Marketplace e-Learning

This e-learning resource teaches digital marketers the principles of coding. This course covers the definition of coding, coding skills they should learn and how to coding can help a digital marketer.

CRM an Introduction e-Learning

This CRM (or Customer Relationship Marketing) e-learning covers the definition of CRM and how it developed over time. Examples of CRM in action illustrate the benefits of an effective CRM system.

Delivering a Media Pitch e-Learning

This learning is split into two separate sections: it deals with how to present a pitch and then deals with the content that should be included when verbally presenting a proposal.

Digital and Social Media Strategies e-Learning

This course defines the digital and social strategy, how to market your business effectively using social media and where to invest your time and efforts wisely.

Digital Etiquette and Citizenship e-Learning

This learning covers areas of technology where good digital etiquette should be applied with worked examples and an examination of good digital citizenship.

Effective Communication e-Learning

This learning on Effective Communication gives instruction on how to delivering winning presentations and communicate with clients by applying effective nonverbal communication and presentation techniques.

File Naming Conventions e-Learning

Consistent descriptive file naming is a vital component of good knowledge management. This course outlines the conventions used in a good file naming system and the advantages of using metadata.

Open eLMS Creator (Session 1) Understanding what makes great e-learning

This e-learning session discusses how engagement has improves learning design and it's effect on learning. Breaks down engaging design into interactivity and cognitive salience.

Open eLMS Creator (Session 2) Scripting and the information design of an e-learning project

This e-learning guides the e-learning designer through properly structuring an e-learning session, to incorporate an introduction, learning goals, quiz and summary.

Open eLMS Creator (Session 3) Search and edit images to the correct size

When producing professional e-learning it is important to resize images so that they maintain the correct dimensions and can be downloaded quickly. This e-learning shows the prospective e-learning designer how to do this using Adobe's Photoshop.

Open eLMS Creator (Session 4) Start to Create an e-Learning Session

The e-learning assignment encourages students to start to move from the script to an e-learning course creation using Open eLMS Creator. Skills covered include selecting templates, copy and paste text and customising images.

Open eLMS Creator (Session 5) Create buttons and interactivity in e-learning

Adding interactivity to courses will increase learner engagement and increase recall. Basic interactivity and pathways can be added to any e-learning course built using Open eLMS Creator.

Open eLMS Creator (Session 6) Process videos using Adobe Media Encoder

Processing videos is vital for adding cognitive salience to e-learning created with Open eLMS Creator. This learning session demonstrates how video can be added to both Flash and HTML5 versions of the e-learning.

Open eLMS Creator (Session 7) Exporting the e-Learning

e-learning once exported to SCORM v1.2 can be installed into virtually any Learning Management System using this open standard. This learning session explains how to do this using Open eLMS Creator.

Law and Journalism

This course covers the legal restrictions and protections surrounding court proceedings, the rights of interviewees, speaking off the record, codes of practice, invoking public interest and the ramifications of the Leveson Inquiry.

Legal Issues Concerning Media Assets

It is important when using media assets (images, video, audio etc.) that they are used without infringing copyright or licensing restrictions in order to stay on the right side of the law and protect your company’s reputation. This course gives practical advice on how to do so and shares experience of where to gather great media assets.

Negotiating Skills Quiz e-Learning

This quiz tests knowledge of how to negotiate effectively. The quiz must be passed prior to taking an exercise to applying this knowledge to some example negotiations.

Note Taking at Interviews e-Learning

This learning involves guidance on interview techniques such as taking down quotes, methods to make note taking quicker and moving from the notepad to the story.

Preparing a Media Proposal e-Learning

This learning offers instruction on responding to a client brief. The learning covers the development of the proposal, including budgeting, delivery, SMART objectives and milestones. It also warns the user about considering topics such as accessibility and future proofing which may affect the document's content.

Preparing a Media Proposal Workbook e-Learning

This learning offers instruction and prepares the proposal document for responding to a client brief. This guided learning session covers the development of the proposal, including budgeting, delivery, SMART objectives and milestones. This session will print out a full set of notes for finalising your proposal.

Presnting Skills e-Learning

This quiz tests knowledge of how to present effectively. The quiz examines knowledge learnt about both the content and style of the presentation.

Scriptwriting for e-Learning

This e-learning resource teaches potential script writers all they need to prepare scripts for e-learning. This course covers using scripts, Google Docs and how to deal with feedback.

Search Engine Optimisation e-Learning

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is a vital component of marketing your business online. This course discusses from a practical point of view the necessary steps to take to get your website visible to search engines.

Social Media and Journalism e-Learning

"This learning demonstrates how social media is used in relation to journalism and the ways in which it is influencing journalism practice."

Storyboarding for Media Creation e-Learning

Storyboarding is a crucial part of the development of media productions. This e-learning covers the skills needed to develop such projects which will require planning, script development and collaboration.

Public Relations Tools and Activities

This e-learning resource teaches people working in communications about the toolkit of resources available to help reach potential clients. This course covers using Advertorials, Sponsorship, Community Relations and Business Events.

Writing a Good Story e-Learning

This learning examines how to write a good report using the inverted pyramid style, what components a story should be made up and how to source the information. This includes interview techniques and the rise of social media as a means of collecting information.

Writing an Effective Press Release e-Learning

This training covers the basic structure of a press release including how to get your story noticed, the ideal size and structure of the release and how to include quotes.

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