e-Start Induction onboarding e-learning system

What is e-Start?

e-Start is a bespoke e-start induction package starts at £8,500/$12,750 and this includes all you need to create, run and maintain an e-learning induction. The e-Start induction includes video presenters and interactive virtual worlds that reflect your workplace. The delivered e-learning will include:

  • An e-learning induction course consisting of 12 topics
  • Filming of a presenter for inclusion in the induction
  • Jackdaw CMS Software to update the content over time
  • A Learning Management System - Open Elms (optional) for managing new starters and reporting on results

How does it work?

An e-Start induction is created in 5 separate steps:

1. Information Gathering

We work with you to gather all the information needed from your organisation that is suitable for a standard induction course.

2. Branding

The branding and overall look and feel is agreed and demonstrated to the client via an induction prototype.

3. Script

This is produced and then presented for sign-off.

4. Testing and Sign-Off

The final induction is installed on the Learning Management System and then tested and signed off. We find that an e-start induction always exceeds expectations.

5. Maintenance

The e-learning is delivered with Jackdaw CMS software which can be used to always keep the e-induction up to date.

e-Start Price List

  • DIY

  • FREE for one year

  • Up to 15 topics
  • Design by client
  • Download for export (SCORM file)
  • DIY

  • £999 per year

  • + 15 topics
  • Design by client
  • Support
  • Download for export (SCORM file)
  • Basic

  • £9,999 one off

  • Up to 25 topics
  • Custom design by e-Learning WMB
  • Support
  • Video presenter
  • Set at client's location
  • Download for export (SCORM file)

Additional Options

Additional elements can also be purchased to make the induction truly special these include:

  • Training/Induction Workshop - £800/$1,200
  • A day's induction for 1-4 people includes a workshop where the induction is built with the trainees and advice is given on using the software, editing images, videos etc.
  • Additional 1 Day Video Shoot and Editing- £2,200/$3,300
  • Virtual green screen studio is taken to the client's premises and key personnel from the business are shot and can be included in the induction. Additional video can also be shot on the day. All video is provided in a format suitable for loading directly into the e-start Induction.
  • Bespoke Topic Production - £700/$1050 per topic for 3+ topics
  • Additional topics can be added to the induction allowing for unique processes that are not dealt with sufficiently within the e-Start Templates.
  • Hosting - from £500/$750 per year
  • e-Start can host your induction and give you a unique branded login page which contains new hire and management access to the Open Elms Learning Management System. Use this system to get going within a day.

The price depends upon the size of your organisation, please contact us for a quote or to finalise pricing on any of the options listed above and I'm sure we can help you find the right solution for you.

Let's chat to see how we can help you?

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