HR, Induction & General Business Skills

HR, Induction & General Business Skills modules

This elearning covers generic job skills and employee orientation. These courses are ideal for new starters and existing employees alike.

Business Innovation and Growth

This e-learning course teaches the learner the various aspects of Business Innovation and Growth. At the end of the e-learning you should have a good understanding of Innovation models, the risks of business innovation and the advantages of adopting innovation.

Chair, Lead and Manage Meetings

This e-learning gives instructions on how to Chair, Lead and Manage Meetings. You will learn how to set this environment for an effective meeting to ensure everyone gets the most out of each business meeting you are involved in.

Customisable Induction / On Boarding e-Learning

Customisable Induction / On Boarding: A unique system for producing customised induction.

Customer Service e-Learning

Learn how to deliver excellent customer service and recognise bad customer service. Customer service is dealt with externally and internally with worked examples. Training is also given in how to learn from customer insights.

Customer Service e-Learning

"This customer service e-learning course demonstrates how poor customer service can affect the brand and company image and how to manage and deal with customers."

Customer Service Techniques e-Learning

"This customer service techniques e-learning course demonstrates how good customer service can affect the brand and company image and how to learn and use customer service techniques."

Dealing with Grievance Issues e-Learning

"This course is aimed at managers, instructing them on how to deal with grievance issues both on a formal and informal basis."

Dealing with Performance Issues e-Learning

"This course is designed to help managers understand the performance improvement procedure and manage performance issues effectively and confidently."

Effective Communication e-Learning

"This learning on Effective Communication gives instruction on how to delivering winning presentations and communicate with clients by applying effective nonverbal communication and presentation techniques."

Ethical Values and Code of Conduct e-Learning

Ethical Values and Code of Conduct: This training will introduce you to your organisation’s core ethical values and the code of conduct in place to ensure those values are met.

Financial Management and Budgeting e-Learning

"This e-learning gives basic instruction on good financial management, covering financial terminology. It also covers basic budgeting skills needed in business."

How to manage an Office Facility

How to Manage an Office Facility: This e-learning resource teaches learners how to manage an office facility. This course covers Equality, Legal Issues and Environmental Management Systems.

How to Write an Effective CV e-Learning

"This e-learning module instructs the learner on how to write a CV. The learning discusses formatting options and what to include - and not include - on this document."

Induction for Social Housing e-Learning

This course is aimed specifically at Social Housing and/or Construction companies who wish to create their own customisable induction. Each course is supplied with Open eLMS Creator software which enables online editing of the e-learning.

Information Systems e-Learning

Information Systems: This e-learning gives the learner an overview on Information Systems. The course covers the Data Protection Act, the Freedom of Information Act and GDPR

Introduction to Governance e-Learning

"The Introduction to Governance course covers what is governance and the board's role in adhering to good corporate governance. At the end of the e-learning you should have a good understanding of how governance works and its value to an organisation."

Introduction to Marketing e-Learning

"This course outlines the principles of marketing including market research, the marketing mix, promotion and brands. Trainees will get a full understanding of the importance of marketing for the success of any business."

Introduction to Project Management

"This e-learning covers the basic principles of project management and enables you to become familiar with the skills and techniques to enable successful initiating and development of projects in the workplace."

ISO Beginners e-Learning

This course is aimed at all staff to provide general information about ISO standards.

ISO Advanced e-learning

This module is designed to inform senior management of their responsibilities regarding ISO systems and the relevance it has to the compulsory legislative compliance.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems e-Learning

This e-learning answers what is ISO 9001 and the benefits. The learning also gives practical advice on how to achieve certification and what are NCRs.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems e-Learning

This e-learning explains the ISO 14001 standard and gives practical advice on how to achieve certification. The benefits of the system are explained in detail.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems e-Learning

This e-learning answers what is ISO 27001 and how does it affect products and services provided by an organisation. The learning also gives practical advice on how to achieve certification and what are NCRs.

ISO50001 Energy Management Systems e-Learning

This e-learning answers what is ISO50001 and how does its implementation benefit the organisation. The learning also gives practical advice on how to achieve certification and what are the learner's responsibilities.

Learning Techniques e-Learning

"This Learning Techniques e-learning course gives advice on how to effectively learn and retain learnt knowledge."

Managing Attendance e-Learning

"This course is designed to help you as a manager to understand the Sickness Absence policy and process and for you to confidently manage attendance issues in a supportive way."

Managing Conflict and Resilience Introduction e-Learning

This e-Learning module on Managing Conflict & Resilience is aimed at Housing staff working in property maintenance. The training covers the impact conflict has on a business and how to control and improve skills to increase individual resilience.

Managing Conflict and Resilience in Action e-Learning

By the end of the e-learning you will better be able to demonstrate what body language to avoid during conversations and techniques to use to deal with them and create a rapport with customers.

Managing Disciplinary Issues e-Learning

"The e-learning course is designed to assist managers in understanding the theory behind the disciplinary process and procedures. The course will assist with managing conduct issues confidently."

Managing Performance e-Learning

This course covers the techniques used to manage performance in the workplace. The e-learning covers: SMART targets, delegation, motivation and feedback

Microsoft Excel in 30 Minutes e-Learning

This learning will focus on the core functionality you need to know for entering, calculating and analysing company data such as sales figures, sales taxes or commissions. The learning features creating basic formulas and cell references along carrying out a mail merge using Excel and Work; the e-learning also includes a quiz.

Microsoft PowerPoint in 15 Minutes

The e-learning demonstrates how to use PowerPoint to adopt a graphical approach to presentations. The training covers editing presentations, applying formatting and how to subsequently run the presentation. The learning also includes a quiz to check knowledge retention.

Microsoft Word in 15 Minutes e-Learning

This learning will focus on the core functionality you need to know to create business documents, including how to format text, change layout, insert tables and pictures and save different file formats. The learning includes a quiz.

Organising Events

This e-learning resource teaches learners how to successfully organise and manage events and the importance of event planning.

Organisational Structures

This e-learning resource outlines the various Organisational Structures in business. This course covers using legal structures and understanding the private, public and voluntary sectors. The learning also includes a quiz to check knowledge retention.

People Management e-Learning

People Management: This e-learning session which has been designed to help managers throughout the organisation who have responsibility for managing people.

Preparing for a Job Interview e-Learning

Preparing for a Job Interview: This elearning module gives invaluable advice on how to prepare and act in a job interview.

Problem Solving in Business

This learning resource covers the importance of problem solving in business and examines some formal techniques such as SWOT Analysis, as well as an overview of other tools for problem solving and monitoring.

Psychologically Informed Environments e-learning

Psychologically Informed Environment training enables us to shape services to the needs of the service user. Environmental changes are examined as well as behaviour such as language and communication style.

Social Media Usage

The aim of this module is to provide an introduction to Social Media and how it forms part of a Digital Marketing Strategy within a business environment.

Team Supervision e-Learning

Team Supervision: This e-learning course will give learners everything they need to know to successfully manage teams and meet their own objectives by improving their team’s performance.

Time Management e-Learning

Time Management: This course focuses on what makes effective time management and offers some strategies and advice to increasing efficiency at work.

Unconscious Bias

Learn how unconscious bias can affect thought processes. Only by recognising these cognitive shortcuts, can behaviour be changed in order to make better decisions.

Understanding Business Markets

Business markets are explained and examined, highlighting the pro's and con's of each.

Understanding Financial Controls

The nature of financial controls is examined, highlighting how the P&L, balance sheet and cashflow statements work.

Writing a Proposal e-Learning

This course is designed to help you write a proposal in a clear, considered and consistently structured manner. This practical guidance demonstrates how to develop your proposal and how to translate your project to the page.

Written Communication

This e-learning course is about communicating appropriately within the workplace. The training concentrates on written communication, however there is also additional information to enable you to look at communication holistically.

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