First Aid

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This learning awareness course covers recognising the importance and benefits of first-aid and demonstrates how to respond to various accidents at work.

Learning Goals

  • Recognizing the importance and benefits of first-aid
  • Identifying legal and minimum first aid requirements.
  • Acting correctly when responding to various types of incidents.

Health & Safety Course Pack (8 of the following)

This package of courses is designed to provide training for all your health and safety needs and is CPD Accredited. The courses can be purchased separately if required - contact us with the courses and number of users for a quote.

First Aid e-Learning

This learning covers recognising the importance and benefits of first-aid and demonstrates how to respond to various accidents at work.

Asbestos Awareness e-Learning

Asbestos Awareness: This course is aimed at all people who are likely to come into contact with asbestos whilst at work. This training should be carried out immediately before commencing such work.

Introduction to CDM e-learning

This course gives a general introduction to the Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations for all members of the project team. It examines the roles of the main duty holders under the Regulations and how to select and manage contractors.

COSHH e-Learning

COSHH: All employees who handle or work near hazardous chemicals are required to know about the COSHH regulations. This is usually carried out prior to starting work.

Driver Safety e-Learning

Driver Safety: This e-learning module on driver safety outlines the key issues behind staying safe behind the wheel of your car. The e-learning instructs you on the most common causes of road accidents and instructs you on how to avoid them.

Fire Safety e-Learning

Fire Safety: This course gives basic fire safety training, instructing the learner in correct procedure in event of a fire.

Food Safety

This 6 module course on food safety covering chilling, cross-contamination, cooking and cleaning.

Health and Safety for Managers e-Learning

This learning discusses the importance of health and safety as part of good management and the law which governs it in the UK. Information is given about risk assessment, how to prevent accidents and how we can monitor and review safety over time.

Health and Safety Induction e-Learning

Health and Safety Induction: Topics from this comprehensive safety induction program can be selected to include Electricity, Working at Height, Manual Handling, Ergonomics, Fire Safety, Asbestos, Needle Stick, COSHH, Noise, Vibration, Stress etc.

Home, Mobile or Agile Working e-Learning

This agile working course gives guidance on how to use mobile IT devices safely, have good understanding of ergonomics at home and know how to control or report any environmental hazards at home or when out of the office.

Laboratory Safety and Ergonomics e-Learning

Undertaking this e-learning training will help to prevent injuries and ill-health in this environment. The course covers basic ergonomic principles and other risk factors associated with the work areas, equipment and processes.

Legionella Awareness e-Learning

This learning defines ‘Legionella’s DIsease’ and goes on to examine the sources of infection & how it spreads. Instruction is given in how to carry out a risk assessment and what steps are necessary to take to control the risk.

Lone Working e-Learning

Lone Working: This course provides guidance on how lone workers' health and safety is managed with your organisation. It will help you understand what you need to do to keep safe when working alone.

Manual Handling e-Learning

Manual Handling: This course deals with basic lifting procedure as well as assessing risk in lifting and other manual handling operations.

Office Safety / Ergonomics e-Learning

Office Safety / Ergonomics: This course teaches the employee how to set up their workstation correctly as well as carrying out an ergonomic assessment.

Office Safety / Ergonomics No Assessment

Ergonomics training for safe computer use. This course contains no risk assessment, ideal for a third party SCORM LMS without risk assessment recording capabilities.

Mobile Smartphone Ergonomics e-Learning

Office Safety / Ergonomics: This e-learning covers the safe use of smartphones and mobile devices. The course also includes an interactive risk assessment..

Risk Assessment e-Learning

Risk Assessment: This training has been developed to give you the basic skills for carrying out a workplace risk assessment.

Working at Heights e-Learning

Working at Heights: This course gives an overview of current legislation and instructs the learner on how to safely Work at Heights.

The Health & Safety Course Pack equates to approximately 6 hours of CPD accreditation or contribution to a relevant UK Government Apprenticeship standard.

Course Customisation

The customer service e-learning can be re-branded and customised using Jackdaw Cloud instantly - you can even create your own courses from scratch.

Bespoke e-learning

Bespoke e-learning can be created for all your security needs. A full range of bespoke development services are available from e-learning WMB.

e-Learning Library

e-learning WMB offers over 170 e-learning modules available for purchase individually or together as a part of e-Learning WMB's Membership service.

Data Protection e-learning equates to 1 hour CPD

e-learning has CPD and ROSPA accreditation. Check with e-learning WMB for further details.

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