Case Study: Bauer Academy

e-Learning case study with Bauer

Bauer Media

Bauer Media Group is a multinational media conglomerate with a worldwide presence, and a huge roster of magazines, radio and television stations and professional services which serve over 200 million people.

When Bauer approached eLearning WMB in 2017, their learning and development aspirations were to begin providing apprenticeships, which they had not done previously. Our Apprenticeships expert, Andy Howie, was on hand to help.

The Bauer Academy was originally started in 2014, and had successfully launched partnership programmes with several organisations, including The Prince’s Trust. Unlike your standard educational establishment, the academy is spread across numerous dedicated training facilities up and down the country, and provides niche training in a range of media-related subjects. The Academy now has around 200 new apprentices a year, both from within Bauer and other organisations.

Working with eLearning WMB, The Bauer Academy was able to quickly gain status as a Registered Apprenticeship Training Provider, and began using Open eLMS to manage their learners across the country.

For those uninitiated, apprenticeship delivery is not the same as continuous professional development, and requires specific (and important) data to be relayed to the ESFA and OFSTED in order to be compliant and secure funding.

Open eLMS for Apprenticeships is built to meet and exceed all the challenges of managing apprenticeships, and as such records the data necessary and allows administrators at the Bauer Academy to export financial data, ePortfolios and Individualised Learner Records in a pinch. This saves a huge amount of time and effort for the team in their day-to-day responsibilities and when reports are due, and enables them to spend that time on tasks which represent greater value to learners and the wider organisation.

Bauer Academy has also used Open eLMS Creator (our authoring software) to create an offering of dynamic and innovative content to be used in learning, which has created some incredibly positive outcomes for the business and learners personally. For example, they enjoy a first time pass rate of 96% and 100% of learners said what they were learning was having a positive impact on their role.

Apprentices begin their learning journey by taking a series of assessments on Open eLMS which assess their existing knowledge and capabilities, allowing Tutors at the academy to quickly ascertain how to best support learners and plan for potential challenges early. As the assessed skills and competencies have been mapped to particular questions, the analysis is done electronically, and the workload beyond noting and actioning the results is minimal.

The Bauer Academy has expertly used the cloud-based operation of Open eLMS to maximum advantage during coronavirus restrictions, providing content which has allowed teaching and learning to continue even during lockdown restrictions. Open eLMS has even been used to provide additional training and support to employees outside of the Bauer Academy during this time.

It’s important to remember that although a great learning management system can improve your training outcomes, it can also have a positive impact on the wider business. Surveyed once they had completed their studies, Bauer apprentices said:

  • 83% said their programme enabled them to achieve their personal goals
  • ¾ would like to continue with further training, and at the Academy
  • Over 33% were able to broaden their job roles as a result of acquiring new skills
  • 63% were able to share their new skills with other members of their team

But don’t just take our word for it - take a moment to read a testimonial from Jake Miles, Operations Manager at the Bauer Academy:

"We have been using Open eLMS as our learning and management system for the last few years. Without doubt it has added substantial value to our learning delivery models and has been invaluable in providing an engaging learning experience for our employees and external clients. We recently underwent a Government inspection where they looked at all aspects of our learning models. A key strength that came from this was how Open eLMS was being used to promote and deliver learning effectively but also how it provided us with the data and reporting we need to show progress for all learners. I have no hesitation in providing a strong recommendation for Open eLMS to other prospective clients."

Jake Miles
Operations Manager
Bauer Academy

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