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Badges allow you to use awards won in Open eLMS to be transferred out of the Open eLMS infrastructure and remain with learners on social media channels (Linked In, Facebook etc.) and CVs.

Badgr follows the Open Badges standard and is free to set up and use. Register here if in EU for example (you can change the location for different domains). Create a number of badges as an Issuer; these badges should reflect competencies you wish to see in your orangisation (e.g. Leadership, Teamwork, Health and Safety etc.) Find out more about how to issue badges on the badgr account ( ).

Badgr Open Badges standard in Open eLMS LMS


Full instructions are available in the Open eLMS Knowledge base. You will find these details here. Remember to register if you do not yet have access to the knowledgebase; it's free and gives you access to all our support services.