e-Learning in HTML5, Flash, Apps or Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality meets E-learning

At the beginning of 2017, e-learning WMB launched Virtual Reality as a new format for e-learning.

We are developing our online authoring tool - Jackdaw Cloud - to provide VR as an additional e-learning output. As well as creating courses for standard e-learning and Apps, users will have an export option for Virtual Reality.


See below what we are up to and read about some of the benefits of VR e-learning.

mobile learning (m-learning) is e-learning on an iPhone or android phone by e-learning WMB

There are some situations where experiencing the location can’t be matched with a 2D representation. For example, fire safety training and locating exits. By placing themselves in the learning environment, users will likely become familiar with the surrounding area.

m-learning apps record data to our Learning Management System Open Elms

Virtual Reality also means variety. Interactive new ways of learning and breaking up regular e-learning will lead to greater audience engagement. Short, concise and dynamic bursts of information will be more time efficient and increase the retention of information.

m-learning logs in using e-learning WMB's Open ELms to synch data on the cloud

We offer bespoke virtual reality courses. With the use of our portable green screen studio and actors, we can place anyone in any environment. We can involve interactive elements, for example, turning the pages of a book.

m-learning courses are run on android and iPhones

And the best bit is, it’s all very affordable. All you will need your end is a smart phone and a VR headset (no need for an expensive one.) Entry level VR headsets range from £6 - £80.

Getting in Touch

Would you like to learn more about VR and understand how it could enhance your users e-learning experience? We would be more than happy to help.

Email us at sales@e-learningwmb.co.uk or call us on +44(0) 1628 947 927 if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting.