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Frequent Questions

e-Learning WMB have compiled walkthrough videos explaining how to use elements of the system. Here you will find answers to most of your questions. Unless you have explicitly purchased a managed service, it is your responsibility to administer and manage your data, although we are always on hand to offer advice etc.

Open Elms


How do I check the progress of my employees?

How do I approve meeting requests from my employees?

How do I check on any audits or risk assessments which need to be completed?

How do I approve and manage any booking requests for classroom training etc made by my employees?

How do I sign off work that has been submitted for review?


How do I populate the database?

How do I add/remove employees from managers’ accounts?

How can I assign learning to learners or groups of learners?

How do I add learning to the system?

How do I manage bookings for classroom sessions which require sign-off?

How can I produce reports from the system?



How do I add and import learners on the system?

How do I set up Programmes/Apprenticeship Standards, including timings etc.?

How to manage trainers/managers etc. using the system?

How to manage classroom training booking requests?

How to export data to other systems?

How to sign off submitted work setting it to being completed?


How can I assign work to learners?

How do I react to feedback from Quality Assurers assessing my work?

How do I approve meetings that have been requested by my learners?

How to I approve bookings made for employees requesting classroom training sessions?

How do I deal with pending risk assessment or audit information?

How do I sign off work that has been submitted for review?

Common to All Systems


How can I preview and demo my courses ready for distribution?

Curriculum Developer

How do I add and edit existing Learning Resources on the system?

How do I set up and collate programmes?

How do I assign personnel/learning to managers so that they can see them when logging in?

How do I set up learning defaults such as categories, suppliers and branding?

Where can I find feedback from system users?

Quality Assurer

As a QA, how to I select work to assess?

How can I monitor any response to my QA feedback?

What sort of reports can I produce as a QA?

Learning Library

What type of learning is there in the system?

How to add Youtube Learning to the system?

How to add Book/CD/DVDs to the system?

How to add Classroom Training?

How to add On-the-job Training?

How to add e-Learning?

How to create new e-learning (using Jackdaw Cloud)?

How to add Websites?

How to add Lessons (a collection of learning resources)?

How to install Learning Resources from Library?

How to assign additional Learning to learners?

Look Over

How to use any of the default reports in the system?

How to add reports to the system?

System Setup


How to populate the database?

How to add companies to the system (group companies etc)?

How to add all other Organization Information?

How to add compliance managers giving them responsibility for certain departments/personnel?

How to set up various roles (administrators, compliance managers etc.) and change permissions granted to them?


How to set up learning defaults?

How to add Learning Categories?

How to add Learning Providers?

How to rebrand the learning and run updates on the system?

How to add Competencies?

How to review user Feedback?

How do I distribute Jackdaw Cloud e-learning courses?

Free Jackdaw Resources


How to review user Feedback?

How to edit the emails sent out by the system?

How to change the default reaction times (e.g. when a learner is auto-emailed when a resources is due to be completed)?

How to change the terminology used in the system - i.e. change system labels/field names?

How to change system configuration?

How to integrate Jackdaw Cloud with any third party LMS via its API?

How to customise any data dashboard used in the system?

How to rebrand the background image the learner sees?

Support Issues

Should you wish to report a bug in the system, then email us at support@e-learningwmb.com. We endeavor to deal with or escalate all support issues within 3-4 hours. e-Learning WMB uses the industry standard Bitbucket system to report issues and follow them to resolution - any issues already reported can be tracked to completion here click here.

So what makes e-Learning WMB different?

e-learning is Fully Customisable

Bespoke and off the shelf e-learning can be edited using Jackdaw Cloud. Furthermore all clients get access to using this system free of charge! No other e-learning supplier currently offers you this level of sophistication and flexibility in their e-learning.

Edit e-Learning in the Cloud

Reporting and Management

All courses can be run freely on the Open Elms Pro Learning Management System - an extremely powerful and easy to use system for reporting and the management of learning.

Netflix Style e-Learning

Any Format

All courses can be ran on your computer or on a mobile device. This means that from phone and browser, you can get your learning synced across all devices.

200+ Courses Available

Courses can be purchased separately if required or in packs of at a discount. Free use of the library is also permitted with membership - contact us with the courses and number of users for a quote, else click on the categories below to preview the e-learning courses.

Data Protection and Security e-Learning
Functional Skills e-Learning
HR, Induction & General Business e-Learning
Health and Safety e-Learning
Hospitality e-Learning
Housing & Construction e-Learning
Media e-Learning
Social e-Learning


e-learning has CPD and ROSPA accreditation where appropriate. Check with e-learning WMB for further details.

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