Introduction to our support system

eLearning WMB provides an array of help resources to assist you in implementing, configuring and managing the Open eLMS products and services. We are phasing out manuals and providing support online instead in order to provide a more up to date and easy-to-understand support infrastructure. The walkthroughs videos used on these pages will show you exactly how to carry out each operation.

Open eLMS - Learning/Education Management Systems

We have compiled a series of support video walkthroughs and onboarding guides tailored for each product. Select the product below for which you need support.

Open eLMS - 'Netflix' meets elearning for business
Open eLMS - elearning for apprenticeships
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for school
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for college
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for university

Open eLMS Creator - Authoring elearning online

Want to see how to create highly professional elearning in minutes? Select below to see how.

Online elearning creation

Open eLMS Live - Running remote face to face training

Having trouble integrating your video conferencing software as part of the Open eLMS Live service? Select below to see how.

Currently the online support is limited to Zoom - more help systems for other services are coming online shortly.

Zoom video conferencing

Open eLMS - API Support

Should you wish to integrate any of your existing systems using the Open eLMS API - documentation can be downloaded here.


SMCR Solution Installation Support

Support for the initial installation of the SMCR Solution available through Simmons and Simmons is also available on the site.

SMCR elearning