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Pricelist of Bespoke and Off-the-Shelf products

e-learning WMB produce an unparalleled number of services and products aimed at producing REALLY effective e-learning. The pricing for each is listed below...


e-Learning WMB's 100+ e-learning courses are 100% editable and uniquely work as Android/iPhones Apps as well as online - this means that you can access the content offline! The basic cost per course varies depending upon the course with discounts given for volume sales (contact us with the number of personnel and course names for a quote.)

All courses include:

  • Branded login
  • Voiceovers
  • Video presenters
  • Standard App version of course
  • Jackdaw Cloud Authoring System to update the content over time

Bespoke e-Learning

The cost for producing an e-learning program will vary with the amount of e-learning and level of sophistication within each course. The most courses cost between £5,000 to £12,000 or $7,500 to $18,000, we can give a quote in advance of committing to a project.

Any course can be set up on our Learning Management System - Open ELms - or given to the client for hosting internally. Contact us and we can discuss your requirements and send a fixed price quote within 24 hours. :

All courses include:

  • Script editing and course design.
  • Voiceover
  • Filming of a presenter
  • Jackdaw Cloud Authoring System to update the content over time


Membership is a complete e-learning service which includes a combination of bespoke e-learning and off the shelf courses.

The cost starts from £1,500/£2,250 for 50 trainees and increases with the number of features and trainees required:

All courses include:

  • e-Learning Courses - unlimited use of 50+ off-the-shelf e-learning courses
  • FREE bespoke development - 3 free courses per year of up to 1 hour each
  • FREE generic development - unlimited free courses generic course development per year of up to 1 hour each if useful for other members
  • Jackdaw Cloud - e-learning Content Development system
  • Open Elms Pro - Corporate business focused Learning Management System

Bespoke Induction

The cost for a bespoke e-start induction starts at £8,500/$12,750 and this includes all you need to create, run and maintain an e-learning induction. The e-Start induction is also available as part of the membership service:

  • An e-learning induction course consisting of 12 topics
  • Voiceover
  • Filming of a presenter
  • Jackdaw CMS Software to update the content over time
  • A Learning Management System - Open Elms (optional) for managing new starters and reporting on results

Additional Options

Additional elements can also be purchased to enhance the e-learning offering, these include:

  • e-Learning Authoring Workshop - £800/$1,200
  • A day's training for 1-4 people includes a workshop where an e-learning course is built with the trainees and advice is given on using the software, editing images, videos etc.
  • Additional 1 Day Video Shoot and Editing- £2,200/$3,300
  • Virtual green screen studio is taken to the client's premises and key personnel from the business are shot and can be included in the e-learning. Additional video can also be shot on the day. All video is provided in a format suitable for loading directly into the e-start Induction.
  • Bespoke Topic Production - £500/$750 per topic for 3+ topics
  • Additional topics can be added to the e-learning allowing for unique processes that are not dealt with sufficiently within the e-learning Templates supplied.
  • Hosting - from £500/$750 per year
  • e-Learning WMB can host your e-learning course and give you a unique branded login page which contains new hire and management access to the Open Elms Learning Management System. The system can be set up and running within a day.