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Open Elms for Universities

Learning Management System for Universities

Open Elms for Universities is a totally unique blended learning system which enables education providers to deliver learning both off and online as well as delivering assignments. It has been designed to ensure every stage of the learner journey is covered.

Open Elms for Universities been designed for all roles at university level education ...


University students employing Netflix style Learning Management

Online learning is accessed via a Netflix style interface which can deliver e-learning, video, reading materials, lecturers and online tutorials.

Assignments are also delivered on the same system and can be submitted effortlessly via a mobile phone.


tutor marks assignments online

Progress is monitored, pinpointing where additional study may be needed and alerting them to areas where students may be coming up short.

Automated emails alert the tutor to actions and one-to-one tutorials is possible directly with students via integrated Skype.

Curriculum Developer

create learning programmes and scheduling

Entire learning programmes can be designed and scheduled with learning resources from a central learning library, ensuring deadlines are set and learning is released at the right time.

Learning resources can be shared amongst an entire department, e-learning can even be created using Jackdaw Cloud.


Pupils e-learning with Netflix style system

Open Elms works as a central hub, integrated into all other systems at the college.

The administrator oversees this process and sets up the system accordingly integrating with systems such as Moodle using web standards and APIs.

Quality Assurer

University inspectors and internal Quality systems

Lecturers and Quality Assurers can communicate, highlighting areas for improvement which can be tracked to completion.


Open Elms for Universities is a unique, tailored and bespoke e-solution for higher education. The system uniquely features:

  • “Netflix-style” interface for Students

  • Student learning portfolio

  • Any type of learning (e.g. e-learning, videos, classroom sessions etc.)

  • Assignment alerts and management

  • No more lost worksheets or projects

  • e-learning authoring for creating bespoke courses

  • Accessibility (Smartphone to PC)

  • Online tutorials via web-conferencing

  • System Integration

  • Lower costs, time-saving and better learning

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So what makes e-Learning WMB different?

e-learning is Fully Customisable

Bespoke and off the shelf e-learning can be edited using Jackdaw Cloud. Furthermore all clients get access to using this system free of charge! No other e-learning supplier currently offers you this level of sophistication and flexibility in their e-learning.

Edit e-Learning in the Cloud

Reporting and Management

All courses can be run freely on the Open Elms Pro Learning Management System - an extremely powerful and easy to use system for reporting and the management of learning.

Netflix Style e-Learning

Any Format

All courses can be ran on your computer or on a mobile device. This means that from phone and browser, you can get your learning synced across all devices.

200+ Courses Available

Courses can be purchased separately if required or in packs of at a discount. Free use of the library is also permitted with membership - contact us with the courses and number of users for a quote, else click on the categories below to preview the e-learning courses.

Data Protection and Security e-Learning
Functional Skills e-Learning
HR, Induction & General Business e-Learning
Health and Safety e-Learning
Hospitality e-Learning
Housing & Construction e-Learning
Media e-Learning
Social e-Learning


e-learning has CPD and ROSPA accreditation where appropriate. Check with e-learning WMB for further details.

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