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'Are you ready to see the world's most easy to use and comprehensive LMS?'

Business v's Education?

The system has been designed with variations for business, apprenticeships, universities, schools and colleges. We recognise that your organisation has its own unique structure to cater to the demands of your sector. For this reason, there are five variations of Open eLMS, each designed to perfectly align with your day-to-day tasks:

Open eLMS - 'Netflix' meets elearning for business
Open eLMS - elearning for apprenticeships

formerly known as

Apprentice Standards e-portfolio system

Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for school
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for college
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for university

Book a demonstration with one of our advisers

The foundation of the Open eLMS system is the Learning Management System (LMS). Open eLMS LMS can be purchased separately or part of much wider learning implementation.

At elearning WMB we appreciate you would like to try before you buy and as such we have a support team ready to take you through the system and set up a demonstration for you. We can also give you a quote for your organisation immediately over the phone.