e-Learning in HTML5, Flash, Apps or Virtual Reality (VR)

Multi-Format e-Learning

Multi-format Learning

Until recently if you wanted e-learning that it came in any format as long as it was Adobe's Flash.

Times though are now though "a changing". All reports suggest that the Flash plug-in will be phased out from your desktop browser soon. Reports have been around for ages that Google’s Chrome (which is incidentally now the widest used browser) will start dropping support by the end of 2016 and others will surely follow. Yet there is no need to worry about the future, your e-learning WMB course will automatically display the most suitable format without any loss of quality.:


mobile learning (m-learning) is e-learning on an iPhone or android phone by e-learning WMB

All courses can be exported as Adobe Flash and will run in this format if the browser can support it.


m-learning apps record data to our Learning Management System Open Elms

Alternatively the browser can also run the e-learning as HTML5, with all the interactivity seen in the Flash version.

IOS/Android Apps

m-learning logs in using e-learning WMB's Open ELms to synch data on the cloud

e-Learning can also be saved as Android or Apple IOS Apps so that the courses can be ran and record data whilst offline.

Adobe Flash e-Learning

Adobe FLash e-learning ran here as Flash or HTML5.

HTML5 e-Learning

HTML5 can support video presenters and interaction

App e-learning on an iPhone or android phone by e-learning WMB

e-Learning can be ran on your phone offline and syncs when internet connectivity is restored.

Why Develop HTML5, FLash and Apps - just develop e-Learning?

e-Learning WMB have developed a unique system which allows all of its courses to be displayed in any format depending upon the nature of the browser/device it is being run in. Courses are developed once and then exported - this means that with our courses you are future proofed as well as it being inexpensive to do so as it is all part of the same development process using Jackdaw Cloud.