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LMS: Open Elms Pro Version 8

Learning Management System LMS open Elms

Open Elms from e-learning WMB is the LMS that does more. Open elms is a learning management system like no other with a learner interface that works like Netflx, designed to feel learning and projects as and when needed.

But this is not the whole story - Open Elms makes easy all the other processes surrounding implementing learning in your organisation featuring:

  • Open Elms Library - 200 strong course library
  • Open Elms Creator - market beating cloud based authoring
  • Open Elms Bespoke - e-learning created to your needs

The system has been designed with variations for business, apprenticeships, universities and schools. Come and visit us to see what the next generation of digital learning looks like. Select below to see the options available...

Open Elms - 'Netflix' meets e-learning
Open Elms - 'Netflix' meets e-learning
Open Elms - 'Netflix' meets e-learning
Open Elms - 'Netflix' meets e-learning

Open Elms is an entirely unique approach to learning management featuring a:

  • “Netflix-style” interface for students

  • Student learning portfolio

  • Any type of learning (e.g. e-learning, videos, classroom sessions etc.)

  • Assignment alerts and management

  • No more lost worksheets or projects

  • e-learning authoring for creating bespoke courses

  • Accessibility (Smartphone to PC)

  • Web-conferencing

  • System Integration

  • Lower costs, time-saving and better learning