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LMS: Open Elms Pro Version 8

Open Elms - 'Netflix' meets e-learning

The latest version of e-Learning WMB's Open Elms Learning Management System features a 'Netflix' style interface which puts the learner at the heart of the experience.


Netflix Style Search
Learning Management System meets Netflix

Learners have visibility to learning that is either assigned to them or learning that they seek out themselves. Classroom training, YouTube videos, web resources as well as e-learning can be accessed.

Meetings, Workflow and Sign-off
Evidence uploaded by apprentice as part of e-portfolio

Open Elms processes all types of learning, as such the learner needs to sign off training they have attended, organise meetings with their mentors and request permission to attend courses. These process link to the learner's calendar and email systems.

Managers. Trainers, Coaches, Mentors & Admin

calendar control alerts management of key learning tasks

Management are alerted to key tasks such as approving training sessions and verifying attendance on mentoring and classroom learning sessions. The calendar control alerts the manager of their duties on a daily basis.

Reporting Apprentice Standards

Managers can track learners analysing their progress over time, whether tracked against competencies or more detailed criteria such as apprenticeship standards..

Content Developers

e-Learning Authoring
Jackdaw Cloud e-learning software

The ground breaking e-learning authoring system - Jackdaw Cloud - is embedded into the LMS. The system includes virtual presenters and interactive objects, simply drag then from the library or upload your own assets - making e-learning this was is child's play.

All Types of Learning
e-Learning and Training Management System

Any learning content can be linked to the site from YouTube videos to pdf documents found online. Learning content is everywhere, don't restrict yourself to Articulate or Captivate output, whilst video and web content can very often produce far more effective learning content.

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