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Implementing the GDPR

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This course covers the 12 steps as outlined by the Information Commissioner's Office to get ready for the regulation. The e-learning demonstrates what steps are needed as well as giving practical advice as to what to do.

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To celebrate the launch of our 150th course, this e-learning is offered 100% free, no registration simply download and use on your Learning Management System. Click here to download free SCORM package or preview the entire course below.

GDPR Course Pack

This package of courses is designed to provide all your needs under the General Data Protection Regulation. The courses can be purchased separately if required - contact us with the courses and number of users for a quote.

General Data Protection Regulation e-Learning

This Data Protection awareness course examines how the new GDPR differs from the old regulations. Practical advice is offered in developing new procedures for handing data.

IT Security e-Learning

This learning deals with threats from hackers, passwords, malware and emails, antivirus software and issues with social networks.

Managing your Digital Footprint e-Learning

This course covers the dangers associated with Social Media use and discusses how to identify and resolve associated problems.

General Security e-Learning

This course covers security threats: recognising the various types and consequences of a breach in company security.

ISO Intermediate

This learning is aimed at staff who work directly on implementation ISMS systems following the ISO standard.

Data Protection Act e-Learning

The e-learning introduces the Data Protection Act (DPA), the terminology used in the Act and how to act in accordance with the legislation.

The GDPR Course Pack equates to approximately 4 hours of CPD accreditation or contribution to a relevant UK Government Apprenticeship standards

Course Customisation

The GDPR e-learning can be re-branded and customised using Jackdaw Cloud instantly - you can even create your own courses from scratch.

Bespoke e-learning

Bespoke e-learning can be created for all your security needs. A full range of bespoke development services are available from e-learning WMB.

e-Learning Library

e-learning WMB offers over 150 e-learning modules available for purchase individually or together as a part of e-Learning WMB's Membership service.

Data Protection e-learning equates to 1 hour CPD

e-learning has CPD and ROSPA accreditation where appropriate. Check with e-learning WMB for further details.

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