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Data Protection and Security

Data Protection e-learning equates to 1 hour CPD

Security e-learning on average equates to 1-2 hours CPD or contribution to relevant apprenticeship standards

Data Protection and Security

These courses cover security issues surrounding issues such as data security and bribery. Most of these courses are not legislation specific apart from the course on the Bribery Act.

Anti Money Laundering Introduction e-Learning

Anti Money Laundering Introduction: Money Laundering is the process by which criminals and terrorists convert money obtained illegally into legitimate funds. This course covers how to recognise money laundering in social housing and how to avoid it.

Anti Social Behaviour for General Employees e-Learning

Anti Social Behaviour for General Employees: This e-learning course has been designed to give guidance to employees and contractors on recognising anti-social behaviour and what to do to control it.

Bribery Act e-Learning

Bribery Act: This course deals with the things you need to know to ensure your business complies with the Bribery Act 2010. The course emphasises the importance of applying common sense and honesty when dealing with suppliers.

Credit Brokerage Accreditation e-Learning

Staff training for organisations that introduce individuals to businesses that are lenders of money or other credit brokers. The training covers correct behaviour and legal requirements.

Data Protection Act e-Learning

Data Protection Act: The e-learning introduces the Data Protection Act (DPA), the terminology used in the Act and how to apply it to your workplace. A case study of implementing this course can be found on the site.

General Data Protection Regulation e-Learning

The learning answers what is Data Protection, examining how the new regulations differ from the old. Practical advice is offered in developing new procedures for handing data.

General Security e-Learning

General Security: By the end of the e-learning you will have a greater understanding of security threats: recognising the various types and consequences of a breach in company security.

IT Security e-Learning

IT Security: IT Security and understanding company policy Network Eavesdropping and protective measures Threats to your password(s) and best practice to avoid attack. Malware: what it is and how to recognise it. Steps to take to avoid attack from Mal-ware.

Managing your Digital Footprint e-Learning

This course defines the ‘Digital Footprint’ and then goes on to list the dangers associated with Social Media use. The course also covers how to conduct an online audit and offers help in resolving any identified problems.

Money Laundering e-Learning

Money Laundering: This course covers how to recognise and prevent money laundering in the regulated sector.

Prevent Strategy e-Learning

Prevent Strategy training covers extremism and the terrorist threat, focusing on how to safely identify the threat and report it under the UK Government's Prevent Strategy.

Editable Courses

All courses are 100% editable in the cloud at no extra cost, each course is supplied with a free version of Jackdaw Cloud to enable the alteration of text and images etc.

Should you want access to any course in full then contact sales@e-learningwmb.com stating the course(s) you would like to see and for how many trainees.

All courses are also uniquely available across all formats (HTML5, Flash) as SCORM v1.2 packages and as native apps on the iPhone and Android devices - for true mobile e-learning. Click the icons to download apps.

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