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Childcare and education standards

Childcare and education standards from Apprentix e-portfolio

Childcare and education learning is available via the Apprentix's Platinum Service for the following apprenticeship standards, the learning can be ran on Apprentix or from your own e-learning/e-portfolio system.

See the bottom of the screen for an example of an apprentice standard.

  1. Apprenticeship standard: children, young people and families practitioner

    • Price Bracket = B
  2. Apprenticeship standard: children, young people and families manager

    • Price Bracket = B
  3. Apprenticeship standard: further education learning and skills teacher

    • Price Bracket = B
  4. Apprenticeship standard: further education assessor-coach

    • Price Bracket = C
  5. Apprenticeship standard: further education learning mentor

    • Price Bracket = C
  6. Apprenticeship standard: teaching assistant

    • Price Bracket = C

The Price Bracket varies with the construction standard's popularity and complexity - please note standards are created for customers from existing content and bespoke courses and other learning resources. e-Learning WMB withholds the right to develop courses for specialised standards where there is a limited number of potential sales.

Apprentice Standards Delivery Service

For further details including some example Standards with links to learning, visit the Apprentice Standards Delivery Service which is available for any e-portfolio or learning management system.

New apprenticeship Standard in e-Portfolio Apprentix system