Anders Pink adds AI to Open eLMS

eLearning WMB are proud to announce a partnership with Anders Pink to bring their technology directly into the Open eLMS system.  Anders Pink gives Open eLMS the ability to integrate the very latest articles on topics related to your training.  These are curated using the Ander Pink curation tool, which are then displayed seamlessly within Open eLMS.
Anders Pink dynamically aggregates content using Artificial Intelligence from thousands of high quality sites and sources from around the web for you. Get exactly what you want: you choose the topics, keywords, sites and sources. Create custom briefings on the topics you want to track.  It updates every few hours: you don’t miss what matters. Less time searching, more time learning.
Learner's can access this content - seamlessly integrated into the leaner interface.
If you would like to introduce Artificial Intelligence into your learning to help you stay up to date on any topic, then contact us today to discuss how this can be done.
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