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5 Reasons to choose e-Learning WMB

  • e-learning meets corporate video

5 reasons with links which really explain why what we do is unique in the e-learning sector and why this could really help you create more effective e-learning.

1. Corporate Video meets e-Learning
We take our cues from film production recreating the chalk and talk approach of training as closely as possible but adding in special effects to make something really engaging and special.
Take a look at our light-hearted presentation which summarises this approach:

2. 3D e-Learning = Effective e-Learning
e-Learning is traditionally seen as PowerPoint style presentations with a quiz tagged on at the end. This approach can be boring, lower the levels of attenuation and lead to poor knowledge retention. We try to make our e-learning stand out from the crowd which in independent studies has shown a 98% comprehension rate. White paper at our sister site is here:

3. Customisation
We have created the online tools to create your own e-learning as well as edit the e-learning we create for you. You can therefore respond quickly to training needs as required.

4. One-Stop-Shop
As makers of the only 3D e-learning creation software, the largest business focussed open source LMS in the world (30,000+ downloads), owners of their own studio, holders of a library of corporate e-learning courses and bespoke e-learning developers we can offer a one stop shop solution to all your e-learning needs. If this is not needed we can at least claim experience in all aspects of e-learning.

5. Price
Very rarely in business will you find something that combines a lower cost with improved effectiveness. e-Learning WMB manage this by using green screen filming techniques and templates which actually decreases the average cost of an e-learning project by 50%-70%. An analogy would be creating a simple cartoon v’s filming a scene. The former would be more expensive but yield something far less realistic than the latter. What we do is the equivalent of filming a scene whilst other e-learning developers are trying to draw it!

There are many other reasons why I believe we represent a good fit but the proof is really in the demonstration. We have permission to show you some courses but not to put links out online - I’m sure you’ll love our latest courses which really show off what we can do and demonstrates our technology to the full.

Contact e-learning WMB to arrange a visit and if there is anything specifically you would like for us to cover when we turn up.

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