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A single solution to all e-learning needs ...

In implementing and maintaining a strong e-learning offering to your employees, there are 4 key elements to every e-learning solution. e-Learning WMB offer all this uniquely from one supplier in a single user friendly package ...


Open Elms e-Learning Management System from e-Learning WMB

Data Management: LMS, TMS, e-Portfolio - Open Elms


e-learning courses online

Customised e-learning built from your ideas.

Course Library

free e-learning web bespoke e-learning development service

A library of over 200 courses for business and education.

Authoring Software

e-Learning CMS system Jackdaw from e-learning WMB

Powerful and easy to use authoring - Jackdaw Cloud.

We accomplish all this and do it well! User-friendly design makes e-Learning WMB's market leading.

Whether you are looking to introduce a new e-learning course or implement an entire e-learning system, we have the solution for you. Purchase each element on its own or buy the complete membership service and start saving money today.

Apprentice Standards e-portfolio system

An entirely new offer from e-Learning WMB is the apprenticeship management system: Apprentix - bringing together the best of breed of e-learning and e-portfolio systems.

Apprentix is an e-learning and e-portfolio management system that has grown from over 15 years’ experience in creative apprenticeship and e-learning delivery for some of the UK’s most prominent employers, Apprentix has been designed to be the only ‘all in one’ apprenticeship system, which is uniquely supplied with +200 hours of high quality online learning for each standard, which will lower your apprenticeship delivery costs and dramatically increase margins.

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So what makes e-Learning WMB different?

e-learning is Fully Customisable

Bespoke and off the shelf e-learning can be edited using Jackdaw Cloud. Furthermore all clients get access to using this system free of charge! No other e-learning supplier currently offers you this level of sophistication and flexibility in their e-learning.

Edit e-Learning in the Cloud

Reporting and Management

All courses can be run freely on the Open Elms Pro Learning Management System - an extremely powerful and easy to use system for reporting and the management of learning.

Netflix Style e-Learning

Any Format

All courses can be ran on your computer or on a mobile device. This means that from phone and browser, you can get your learning synced across all devices.

200+ Courses Available

Courses can be purchased separately if required or in packs of at a discount. Free use of the library is also permitted with membership - contact us with the courses and number of users for a quote, else click on the categories below to preview the e-learning courses.

Data Protection and Security e-Learning
Functional Skills e-Learning
HR, Induction & General Business e-Learning
Health and Safety e-Learning
Hospitality e-Learning
Housing & Construction e-Learning
Media e-Learning
Social e-Learning


e-learning has CPD and ROSPA accreditation where appropriate. Check with e-learning WMB for further details.

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